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Why have health care at home?

Home health care is an effective and economical alternative when institutional care is not required.  Patients can recover more quickly because they are surrounded by their own familiar environment, family and friends.  Health services provided by North Woods Home Care and Hospice promotes independence by teaching patients and their family about the management of the illness and its treatment.  We provide skilled professionals to implement care plans and monitor the patient, treatments and medication.  

Our patients praise the caring, competent staff in our post-care surveys.

What is home care and how would I go about getting it?

In-home health care can be initiated in a variety of ways.  Most often, a physician helps to determine whether a patient should receive home care.  A key to knowing whether it might be needed for yourself or a loved one is to ask whether it is unreasonable for the patient to seek treatment outside of their home--in a physician’s office, at a clinic or outpatient facility.  In other words, if a patient is homebound, even on a temporary basis, home care may be suggested.  Here are some examples:

What kind of services might I receive?

There are many types of services under the umbrella we refer to as home care.  These services are commonly referred to as skilled and non-skilled care.

How do I pay for home health care?

When a physician orders home health care, it is documented and provided to us as a Plan of Treatment.  Many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover all or most of the costs associated with home health care.  When North Woods Home Care receives a new patient, our staff verifies insurance coverage and benefits at the start of care.  As long as the home care services are ordered by a physician, it will typically be recognized as a covered benefit by most insurance companies.  As with any insurance plan, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that may apply would be the responsibility of the patient.  We will bill your insurance company for all home health care services, so there is no cumbersome paperwork for you.

Non-skilled care includes services such as household duties, shopping, transportation to and from appointments, and those everyday needs to help a patient stay in their home.  Non-skilled care is not ordered by a physician.

Skilled care describes health services provided by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, home-health aide, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or social worker.  These professionals are trained in their specific field and provide the services as ordered by a physician.

During an illness where an in-patient hospital stay is not necessary, but medicines, procedures and medical devices need to be monitored.  These may include intravenous medications, oxygen therapy, chemotherapy medication, bandage or dressing changes, blood draws and so on.

Following discharge from a hospital where wound care and patient assessment is advised.

After an injury or illness where physical, occupational and/or speech therapy is necessary.